Hirana Lee FushikawaEdit

Takeshi Nishino WatanabeEdit

A fiftteen year old student who is attending at Akihabara Academy. He's the Student Council President of that school. During the Zombie Apocalypse, he is in at the school basement during the infection. He was in a weekly meeting with the other Academies which consist of the following Student Council Presidents : Hirana Lee Fushikawa of the Seishun Academy and Angeline Campbell of the Shinryaku Academy. While the outrage was not yet finish the three presidents are preparing to escape the school to search for survivors.

Angeline CampbellEdit

This hard headed Student Council President makes the Shinryaku Academy the most coolest academy in the Leagues of Academy. This girl is just sixteen (16) years old that makes her the oldest member of the Student Council Presidents. She's in charge of peace and unity of the three schools. In the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse, she was in the Akihabara Academy to attend the weekly meetings of the presidents. The outrage has became more violent, the gang decided to escape and search for the remaining survivors in the campus and the city.